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Related Links

Legal documents governing water in the Owens Valley

Governing documents (Inyo County Water Department website)

Owens Valley water studies and relevant online natural history guides


California Herps

Brothers, T.S. 1984. Historical Vegetation change in the Owens River Riparian Woodland. In Warner, Richard E., and Kathleen M. Hendrix, editors.

California Riparian Systems: Ecology, Conservation, and Productive Management. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1984.

Danskin, W.R. 1998. Evaluation of the Hydrologic System and Selected Water-Management Alternatives in the Owens Valley, California. U.S. Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper 2370-H. Hydrology and Soil-Water-Plant Relations in Owens Valley, California. [A clear, detailed, and readable review and assessment of water resources in the Owens Valley.]

Hall, Clarence A., Jr., editor. 1991. Natural History of the White-Inyo Range, Eastern California. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Lee, Charles H. 1912. An intensive study of the water resources of a part of Owens Valley, California. Water Supply Paper 294. Department of the Interior United States Geological Survey. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC. [A detailed inventory of Owens Valley groundwater tables and vegetation conducted–not coincidentally–just before Los Angeles began diverting massive amounts of water from the Owens Valley.]

Dr. Sally Manning’s discussion of groundwater pumping effects on native vegetation in the Owens Valley.

WaterWired’s page on groundwater dependent ecosystems, including a link to the Nature Conservancy’s Groundwater and Biodiversity Conservation: A Methods Guide for Integrating Groundwater Needs of Ecosystems and Species into Conservation Plans in the Pacific Northwest.

Maps, art, articles, audio tours, photos, & documentaries

America’s West: the Owens Valley of California Photos of Owens Valley from 1875 to 1930 selected from the J. D. Black Papers at Loyola Marymount University. (enter “J.D. Black” in the search field too view documents and photos

Listen to THERE IT IS–TAKE IT!, a self-guided audio tour of the Owens Valley, California, created by artist and educator Kim Stringfellow.

David Maisel examines the Owens Lake in Grist* (*includes Maisel’s Lake Project photos)

Karen Piper mulls over remnants and promises in “Dreams, Dust and Birds: The Trashing of Owens Lake” in the online journal Places

Unplugging Drain: Artist John Pugh discusses his inspiration for Drain, an eloquent Owens Valley historical mural.

Spring back: See photos of Blackrock Spring and Fish Springs in 1907 and 1906, before groundwater pumping made them disappear.

Stephen Ingram Nature Photography: Photographer Stephen Ingram loans us visions of Owens Valley flora and local scenery.

California Revealed:  Inyo County Free Library Page includes interviews with attorneys involved in early Inyo County lawsuits and the Inyo County Newsletter.

The Longest Straw: Documentary Filmmaker walks the length of the L.A. Aqueduct.

Manzanar Diverted: When water becomes dust: Differing groups come together to protect their water and land from Los Angeles.


Inyo County Water Department
Great Basin Air Pollution Control District
CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
California State Lands Commission
Inyo-Mono Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
California Water Resilience Portfolio Initiative
State Groundwater Management Act

More information about the Owens Valley and/or water issues

Maven’s Notebook
Wildlands Conservancy
California Native Plant Society
Sierra Club
International Society for Salt Lake Research
UC White Mountain Research Station 
Mono Lake Committee
Eastern Sierra Land Trust
Friends of the Inyo 
Eastern Sierra Audubon
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
Manomet Conservation Center
Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve

Data centers

California Avian Data Center
California Water Impact Network
Consortium for Integrated Climate Research in Western Mountains
Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments
Project Budburst
Water Education Foundation